Cold Chain
Fleet Management Solution

Transportation of Perishable Goods Made Easy with our High-Quality Cold Chain Sensors

Advantages of Our Out of Box Solution

Tookan Tracker helps you overcome the set of unique challenges associated with perishable goods transportation

Temperature Monitoring

These sensors allow you to track temperature while transportation of goods. You get an instant alert if the temperature is too high or low

Pressure & Humidity Monitoring

Our solution helps you track pressure and humidity in your trailer or container with help of 99% accurate pressure and humidity sensors

Door Sensors

These sensors tracks, monitor and notifies you if the doors of your containers are opened at an unauthorized location

Behaviour Monitoring

Our complete solution enables you to monitor your fleet's real-time end-to-end driving behavior from idling vehicle time, rash driving & much more

Ideal Solution for Every Industry

Increase your productivity and profitability for your business with our holistic solution


Sea Food

Frozen Juices



Dairy Products

Processed Food



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